At Kaufman Accounting, we utilize our easy-to-use technology to deliver our services in Virginia and beyond. We are experts in U.S. international taxation and all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, outsourcing, payroll, and business services.

Kaufman Accounting provides tax compliance and consulting services to businesses and individuals with expertise in international taxation. We work with individuals living in the U.S. with foreign income, U.S. residents living outside the U.S., domestic corporations with foreign owners, real estate investors, employees of international organizations (e.g., World Bank, UN, and IMF), international students, and more.

With over 15 years of experience, we help businesses achieve and maintain greater financial stability.

We meet these goals through a range of accounting and tax services that include:

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax consulting
  • U.S. International taxation
  • Part-time CFO
  • Small business accounting
  • Payroll
  • Assisting with small business start-up

For greater client convenience, almost all of our services can be provided online, with consultations taking place over the phone or through video conference; geography is no longer a factor in finding an accounting professional you can trust.

While many tax preparers will simply intake W2s and 1099s and provide you with a computer-created tax return to sign, Kaufman Accounting goes the extra mile to offer a real discussion about your unique financial situation.

We want clients to improve their financial standing with personalized strategies, reduced tax liability, and by taking advantage of savings opportunities. Instead of thinking of only this year's tax return, we work with you to plan more efficiently.

Our clients come to us from throughout the US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We work closely with international tax attorneys and affiliated accounting firms in different countries to meet your needs.

What Makes our Accounting Firm Different

Patience, responsiveness, high quality of work, and vast knowledge are the pillars of our client service philosophy. Our CPA firm is committed to constant professional education and providing clients with the most up-to-date information. We give you information on everything from the best accounting practices to tax consulting and international tax matters.

We make it easy to get in touch with our team whenever you need us. With swift communication, we are a practice that instills trust in our services.

Our services allow our clients to feel confident, referring us to others - the highest compliment we can receive.

Whether you are located near our main office in McLean, VA, or you live abroad, we are here to serve you. If you have questions about tax and accounting services, contact our firm and team today for a consultation!

Our Staff

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Tax Specialist

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Senior Tax Accountant

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Senior Tax Accountant

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Independent Tax & Financial Consultant



Tax Intern

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Anne Ruiz

Tax Junior


Mark Alvarez

Tax Specialist

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Office Administrator

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Administrative Assistant

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Adamaria Palma

Administrative Assistant

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Accounting Manager

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Thank you for your support. Referrals mean the world to us!

Referrals are the cornerstone of any service business. This firm relies on satisfied clients as the primary source of new business, and your references are both welcome and most sincerely appreciated!

Absolute Confidentiality

Since your referrals are generally business owners you are well acquainted with, you may have some concern that your business matters will be discussed with the new clients that you refer to us. This office guarantees the confidentiality of client information. Your personal, financial, and tax data will not be shared with anyone else.

An Expression of Confidence

When you refer clients to us, you are expressing your faith and confidence in the services that we offer and will continue to provide to you. You may have business associates who need professional bookkeeping assistance or family and friends who struggle to do their books every year. No matter who you refer, rest assured that their individual needs will be handled in the same professional manner as yours have been.