A person holding two coins in their hands.

Tips to help taxpayers make sure their donations go to legitimate charities

When disaster strikes, Americans can always be counted on to help. That help comes in countless ways, but often the ...
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A jar of coins and some plants growing out of it.

Individual retirement accounts can be important tools in retirement planning

It is never too early to begin planning for retirement. Individual retirement accounts provide tax incentives for people to make investments ...
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A padlock on top of a computer screen.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, conducted every October, is a collaboration between government and private industry to raise awareness about digital security ...
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A long hallway with many rows of computer servers.

Buying and Selling with Virtual Currency

There are many services that can now be paid for with virtual currency, so it is important to understand the ...
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A passport sitting on top of a suitcase.

Business travelers should check out these deductions before hitting the road

Many people travel for their job — some for an occasional conference and some travel year-round. Whatever their time on ...
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A baby wrapped in green blanket and wearing a hat.

Tax tips for new parents

Kids are expensive. Whether someone just brought a bundle of joy home from the hospital, adopted a teen from foster ...
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