To enhance the world class service that we strive to provide to our clients, we have created a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you are not seeing your question on the list, please let us know, we are happy to help!

Do you offer tax planning?

YES, each year in late October we send out an email to remind clients that the last quarter of the year is time to schedule tax planning meetings. Tax planning meetings offer an opportunity for us to meet with our clients to address any specific tax transactions or changes to their individual tax situations.

Tax planning meetings are generally scheduled for one hour at a fee of $375.

In addition to Tax Planning Meetings, each year we offer a Year-End Tax Strategies webinar. This webinar is generally held in mid-November and provides our clients with some valuable tax saving tips for the coming tax year.

Where do I go to log into Intuit Link?

If you are a returning client, you will log in with the same username/email and password as you logged in with in the previous year.

If you are a NEW client, follow the link in the Invitation to Intuit Link email that you received from our office to set up your username/email and password. 

I forgot my Intuit Link username/email or password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your Username /Email:

  • You should be able to log in with the email where you received your most recent Inutit Link invitation. You can also use the “FORGOT USER ID/EMAIL” feature on the log in screen. If you are not sure, give us a call. We can provide you with the email address that is used to log into your account. 

If you have forgotten your Password:

  • Use the “Forgot My Password” feature on the Intuit Link log in page. You should be able to reset your password via email. While we do not have access to password information, if you get stuck, call us. We are happy to walk you through the steps of resetting your password. 

Some of the questions in your questionnaire do not apply to me. Do I have to answer them all?

YES, please take the time to go through and answer them all. If they don’t apply or you have notes/comments, you can add that in the “comments” section of each question.

I have answered all of the questions and have completed all of the requests. What happens next?

Your preparer will review both the questionnaire and the documents that have been uploaded. If there are additional questions, clarifications or more information needed, your preparer will add those requests to Intuit Link and you will be notified by email that you have a new requests.

Once you have started the tax preparation process, please be sure to watch your email for requests for additional information from your preparer and/or an email from our office regarding the preparation of your return.

Depending on the complexity of your return and the timing of your information, this process can take up to three weeks.

Once your return is ready, our office will reach out to you by email or phone call to schedule a tax return review meeting with Eldad.

I have met with Eldad or one of the tax managers for my tax return review meeting. What happens next?

Once you have met with either Eldad or one of our tax managers for your tax return review, your return will be finalized.

Our office will send a password protected, encrypted copy of your return for review. If there are changes or questions, please let us know ASAP so that we can address those items in a timely manner. If your return is being filed electronically, you will receive a second SEPARATE email with a link to sign your signature pages electronically through Right Signature.

If there are no questions or concerns, please proceed with the instructions listed in the body of your COMPLETE RETURN email.

It is important that all items are handled in a timely manner to ensure the timely filing of your return.

Is there a tool I can use to help me gather rental income and expenses?

The Schedule E Worksheet, located on our website can be used to gather rental income and expenses. Upload the completed worksheet to us via Intuit Link.

Is there a tool I can use to help me gather business income and expenses?

The Schedule C Worksheet, located on our website can be used to gather Business income and expenses. Upload the completed worksheet to us via Intuit Link.

I have an interest in or signature or other authority over a financial account in a foreign country such as bank account, securities account, retirement account, investment funds, educational fund, pension, etc. Is there a worksheet that I can use to help track these accounts?

The FBAR Worksheet, located on our website can be used to record information regarding these foreign accounts. Upload the completed worksheet to us via Intuit Link.

How do I make my IRS tax payments?

In most cases, we can instruct the IRS to withdraw the balance due from your bank account. If you paper file or would prefer NOT to have the funds automatically withdrawn you have the following options:

To pay by credit card via IRS Direct Pay*:

* The IRS Direct Pay system is only available for tax payers who have filed a previous years US Tax Return. If this is your FIRST year filing a US Return, please use the Pay By Debit Card link below. 

To pay by debit card:

Alternately, you can mail a check to the IRS. Payment address will be listed in the Cover Letter of your tax return.

You could not e-file my return and I have been instructed to print, sign and mail the return. What is the best way to mail my return?

In the US, we recommend sending any return or payment to any tax authority via Certified Mail with Return Receipt requested.

Outside of the US, check with your local post office. Our recommendation would be to mail all items to a tax authority in a way that will provide you with proof of mailing, a tracking number and a signature of receipt.